Thursday, 13 March 2014

The "train wreck" is coming to a theatre near YOU!

Hola amigos!

It's time for slideshow round III, the last one, and then I'm headed for sweet retirement. At the invitation of my very own cousin, Nate, I will be presenting at Mt. Waddington's Outdoors speaker series, in Chilliwack. 

So, if you wish to witness the "train wreck" one last time, come join me in Chilliwack. By the way, this lovely poster was made by my dear cousin Nate as well. Pretty slick eh?

In watermelon sugar.



  1. hi,
    i'm just a random, occasional visitor to your site. i think your pictures are great!
    here's why i'm leaving a comment (warning, this is also random) - i came across a picture the other day, that i thought looked a lot like you. and i just wanted to share that, i think maybe you'll agree with me. it's of alice liddell ("the real alice in wonderland"):

    cheers! -veronika

  2. Veronika, HI!

    I'm honoured that you like to read my blog now and then. And, hey, thanks for the photo. I've just added a new post to my blog to share this w/ everyone else who reads. I also included another photo of my great-great grandmother, who apparently, I also look a lot alike.