Saturday, 4 January 2014

Another one for my mom.


I'm going to sheepishly add yet another video to my blog. This one, a report on Lobito, our fun little new route down here in Patagonia. The last half of the video includes a few short excerpts from a video Patagonia made about Colin. It's quite cute...that is again, probably the wrong way to describe it?

Sugar and spice, and all things nice.



  1. Sarah, I was reminded of you and Colin today when I heard an interview with Ed Viesturs on the Rick Steves radio show today. It reminded me to keep you in mind if I hear of any motivational speaking gigs in the future.

  2. Angela, HI!

    Well I take that as a vote of confidence if you think Colin and I could pull off the motivational speaking thing! How are you? I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. In typical El Chalten style, we went climbing and then had an empanada party on Christmas day.